Reminiscent of renaissance refinement, with a tendency toward the dark and moody.

My name is Rick Priest and along with Seraphina Fiero we are Meneldor Photography. I have been shooting since 2013 and work out of my home studio in the Seattle area and the greater art studio that is the world. I strive to bring a true art and classic representation to my photography, with a flair for the dramatic and edgy. I love getting to know my clients so I can bring their dreams to life. Everyone deserves to have their fantasies fulfilled in pictures.

What started out as a hobby has turned into the best job that I have ever had.

Specializing in:
- Boudoir
- Pin Up
- Outdoor Shoots
- Couples
- Portraits
- Weddings
- Senior Portraits


I am assisted by Seraphina Fiero on all shoots.

You can add her hair and makeup services from to any session.






Rick Priest has been hard at work, quietly building up a formidable portfolio that moves between subjects quite comfortably- burlesquers, dancers, actors and beyond. The images are vivid, lush…each one capturing a moment of stillness so exquisite that it feels as though your eyes are drinking in a painting, rather than a photograph."

                                             Jessica from Burlesque Seattle Press 11/3/2013